Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke




Claims a falsehood/misleading statement in every 83 seconds of Trumps speech about withdrawing from the Iran deal…




Really like the cartoon Macron and Bojo doggies in this. Very clever…


Peace is for Pussies! War is Profit! Profit is Good! Go War! YAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!


Be careful of what you wish for, the fuckwits may just go for it.



Sympathy levels running at zero on this one. You have to be one thick as pig shit twat to think that firing 20 odd missiles in the general direction of Israel wouldn’t result in retaliation. Other than that, the Iranian regime is generally a cunt and shouldn’t park its tanks on the Syrian/Golan heights border.


Rest assured I don’t wish for it, but that will be the motivation, plus Israel has its own reasons for lobbying for it - my guess would be an excuse to re-take or annex further territory.


Say what you like about Twitter, but as a medium of record it’s got game.


Very true, I was going to add that the Middle East is a vipers nest but looking towards the East and West there is little difference only differing methods of achieving the same aim.
What a clusterfuck we are living in.


Israel is not seeking to expand it’s borders. I believe it has all the territory it wants. In fact in the past it has shown a willingness to cede territory for peace. e.g. Sinai to Egypt, Gaza to the PLO.




Glad the Orange One was able to tell the world that it’s 2 a.m. in the morning and not 2 a.m. in the afternoon. Imagine the confusion that would have caused if he hadn’t clarified that. :roll_eyes:


Interesting idea that.
Israel ceding territory to the Palestinians


Not something made any easier by the involvement of Hamas, an organisation that has managed to pull off the impossible by making the PLO of old look reasonable. I must admit that my giveafuckometer runs low when religious fundamentalism on all sides takes advantage, leaving nothing but misery, death and destruction in its wake.


I’m mostly the same, but I presume that there are loads of people caught up in it who aren’t actually religious nutjobs, and just want a normal life. Poor fuckers.



Silly orange cunt