Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


Yup, if we could only kill all the religeous/political nutjobs in a no blame culture kind of way we could probably solve the middle east in long weekend.



Love the way that the press always choose images that make the orange one look like a very bad sex doll.





Haha, the poor snowflake.


So funny!



In any other universe, the fact that the President has the time to dick about on Twitter reading replies would be a major scandal…

Having said that, with Trump, the more time he spends on Twitter, the less time he’s spending on “governing”, which can only be considered a good thing.


More like it.

For someone who used to criticise Obama for it, Trump still spends a lot of time (more than Obama) on golf courses.



Do you think we could be angry and hostile enough to stop him coming here ?



Posturing Cuntard!


Great. Trump takes his nuclear football home because one of the other kids called him a rude name. Why be a statesman when you can be a petulant child?

At least it might bring North and South Korea closer - but not in the way Trump would want!



Pence & Bolton really weren’t having any of it.

Despite what he’d have everyone believe, Trump really isn’t in charge of the US.


I assumed that letter was fake, so didn’t reply earlier. It’s fucking amazing! Who are his lawyers? :joy:



Any takers?? Anyone?? No??