Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


Excellent. I really hope Jung-un stabs the orange cunt when there is no security in the room


The summit was never about any serious negotiation, Trump just wants a public relations “win”. He will lie about what happens, because that’s what he does.


Well, here’s some public relations win

I can’t get my bloody breath


Trump wants Russia reinstated into the G7 (G8). Now, given that Russia’s economy is smaller than any of the states of California, New York, or Texas alone, why would one suppose this is such a pressing issue for this moron? :rofl:


Steve Bannon, gone but not forgotten, apparently.

Toss a hand grenade into the world order … and stand back

Complete insanity


But, but, but…Boris says we should be more like Trump. I am all confused now…



Maybe he meant the banging porn stars and lavish golf weekends :thinking:


Apparently Trump is now considering a posthumous pardon to Muhammad Ali.

Which sounds very generous except that Ali’s draft evasion conviction was overturned back in 1971.


Not sure Trump ever forgave him though. And that is, after all, the only thing that matters. Anyway, how would that be consistent with his attitude to those who are presently ‘taking the knee’ ?

Oh, hang on, Trump. Consistency. As you were …



Takes a draft dodger to know a draft dodger I guess


Now, now . . . it was mere coincidence that after his student deferments ran out Trump suddenly developed a vicious case of bone spurs rendering him medically unfit :grinning:


Why not India? Should be, on GDP, let alone population.


If you’re asking me, I agree with you.
If you’re asking Drumpf, I think you know the answer.


Worth watching to see all the messages the Eagles defensive Safety put across in his silent protest.

His ‘true patriots’ cards were particularly poignant, and showed class to highlight Kaepernick’s gift of $1m to charities and Chris Long giving away a years salary, amongst others.



Seventy something year old continues to suffer from hot flushes.