Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


Sounds familiar



Where the hell (probably) is the human race headed ?


Oblivion if Trump and his minions have their way - some of the shit going on in the US is straight out of 1930’s Germany.


Yeah, and it’s the same here, since Brexit.

I really do worry / despair. Not a pleasant country to live in, at all.




Deja vu :laughing:


Oh bugger :rofl:


See, I read all of these posts, and agree with every single one of them.

The bigger problem by a fucking nautical mile is that he managed to become POTUS.


Go figure. My head hurts.


You need to ask yourself why that & Brexit happened. Complacency played a part & now the atmosphere both here & in the US is becoming dangerously toxic.


We know why but I thought racism had been relegated to the low life Tommy Robinsons of this world.

Naive, I know, but what ‘really’ is going on ? Why so suddenly revert to the 70’s ? WTF is ‘really’ going on ? The majority of the UK / US surely can’t be racist. I despair ! Really.


The down trodden / forgotten / disillusioned society bit I get but back to racism ?


I don’t think racism or sectarianism of any stripe ever really goes away. It just goes in and out of fashion.




Que ?


Perhaps people are too lazy to think for themselves and so lap up the bullshit peddled by the mainstream media regarding immigration etc?

Also, my parent’s generation are largely xenophobic from what I can tell. More of them are openly racist than anyone in mine, or younger, generations.

Those are two obvious channels for the dissemination of racist attitudes that spring to mind.




Think there is a real danger of serious civil unrest in both countries if Trump gets charged,and brexit doesn’t happen


I think that when you get serious inequity, people are more willing to find a scapegoat. At the moment we have a lot of very visible rich people, and those that are struggling resent seeing that.


About fucking time. There is nothing wrong with a bit of civil disobedience. Hoisting the politicos and the populists with their own petard is something I’m happy with. Here is how we deal with fascists in the Peoples Republic of Liverpool:

Or another odious bunch of fuckers who were so hard that they hid in the left luggage at Lime Street:

Get out in the streets if necessary. Civil disobedience and protest are perfectly legal.


The bankers actions married with finite natural resources create turbulent times… a patsy is required. Combine this with Russia looking to destabilise by creating division and we end up with trump and brexit propergated via the easy manipulation of infotainment, social
Media and general political malaise.

P.s Vote stronzetto