Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


Luck / timing are always such huge factors in politics. He inherited an economy in rude health (quite the contrast to Obama, Bush Jnr, Clinton) but his recent trade-war nonesense could easily light a fire beneath the recovery. Just in time for the elction, one hopes


If that’s not EXACTLY what forums like this are for, then WTF ?


You could do with a shits n giggles pasting yourself Craig - most of what you post is way too serious…:stuck_out_tongue:


I rather liked most of this article

I think that there is something to be said for cramming the head of ‘the man’ up his own arse; the establishment has grown too secure. I don’t like Trump or 99% of what he stands for, but the soulless systems underpinning politics and economics do need to be shaken up.





Good article:


True, but Thump and the GoP would have it turn into a Randian nightmare.


What the actual fuck?



Gotta love Noam :+1:


It was absolutely extraordinary, whatever we think of him.

It takes two to tango as well. Kim’s language in the public exchanges was no less so.








Ahahaaaa, lol.



Holy fuck the comments on that piece are completely and utterly mad. Scary stuff…


More collective brain farts than you could ever imagine.


Every International “deal” that Trump negotiates has short term benefits to him and to his aged business associates. The long term harm to the world security and economy will only seriously take effect once he and his close allies are out of office an sat in comfortable retirement.

This is much the same situation should Corbyn’s policies ever get labour to power. Thankfully that would only fuck UK up rather than cause a global meltdown.