Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


Or this…


This will go well…


He is one step ahead of you,
His new ally North Korea will keep China off his back,

Smart eh?




What a cunt !


But it’s what Jesus would have wanted :roll_eyes:


But, would Jesus have voted Trump in the first place ?

I feel not.


Absolutely sickening what’s happening in the US now.

I had hoped all right-minded people in this country would show him and the rest of the scum what we think of them come July but I now fear the worst since we’ve got our very own shower of scum running Britain.



VB is close, but not quite correct.
“It seems it’s not ‘Trump’s’ separation of children from families, which actually happens under legislation passed by the Democrats.”

Is this the fault of Democrats, as Trump has continued to claim for weeks? (Alarm bells should ring when Trump continually emphasises anything.)
No. This was a policy shift by the Trump administration who have the power to unilaterally reverse it. It’s legal, no question, but it’s purely the current administration’s decision.
The more nuanced point from the administration is that this is something that can and should be addressed by broader immigration legislative efforts, and that Democrats are blocking those efforts. It’s correct that Democrats aren’t in the room on the current House effort, but this is far more a Republican issue than Democrat one. Here’s why:

  1. The President’s immigration bill got 39 votes in the Senate (the bipartisan effort also fell short of the 60 votes needed to move forward, but received more support.)
  2. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has explicitly said the Senate won’t take up any immigration legislation again unless the House passes it and the President is explicit he will sign it (more on that below). Republican blocking of possible legislation.
  3. The House Republican effort has been a purely partisan one – Democrats aren’t in negotiations, being consulted, or expected to provide any “yes” votes given the conservative nature of even the compromise bill.
  4. Even the GOP-only effort in the House, which is scheduled to be considered next week, is a long way away from having enough votes to pass.
  5. The President, in Friday’s Fox News interview, said he’s opposed to the GOP moderate-negotiated House bill. This is a kill shot to the entire House exercise, whether they manage the scrounge together the votes or not.
    Bottom line: The Trump administration implemented the current separation policy. The policy existed - yes - but is not constitutionally binding, and does not require blind adherence by the GOP, ICE, or US border control.


Excellent post. Really well written and informative. Wasted here sadly…:disappointed:




Bit boring.


Please elaborate.


Trump is still a massive cunt.


Ooh, get me !




Not wasted at all!! CNN took it and published it :sunglasses:

Meanwhile …put t’kettle on, this might take a while


That is going to take the pedantry on here to a new level if we have to put posts through Turn-it-in to check for plagiarism. The Shit Joke thread should be safe though as I doubt documents as old as the Dead Sea Scrolls are in the Turn-it-in database.