Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


Thanks for that. It was broadly what I knew but filled in some useful extra details.

Mitch McConnell is a complete cunt these days.


Oh dear!


Simple enough, if you are going to post comment from a newspaper or other online source either link to it directly or make it clear where it has come from.

@copyright reasons and stuff


Now now, I posted theCNN link with tongue in cheek at the “good writing” comment

There were exclamation marks at the beginning of the quote: it was only when I was reading CNN and saw the’kill shot’ line that it seemed familiar


Of course you’re right, but in this day of sharing memes and the like, copyright law is very out of date. I think that the primary obligation should be on reputable media outlets to be more respectful of source, but many of even them don’t bother. When it’s just some random bunch of blokes online my giveafuckometer doesn’t go above zero.


It’s more about not taking credit for something you didn’t come up with :smiley:



Brilliant critique of recent events in US Immigration Policy. The cartoonist was properly rewarded for his excellence:


That is one of the scariest things I’ve seen for some time.


Which might matter somewhere else


See Scimbag bible - ‘Plagiarism in all forms is magnificent’


He says making a proper attribution…


Creates doubt d’you see…“He’s just having a laugh. He’s not serious” . Meanwhile the susceptible will have been wrung out like yesterdays flannel.

The art of the ‘scumbag’ is knowing when to apply ‘full power cunt hamper’ and when to refrain.


There are a few choice occasions when I really, truly miss the :notworthy: emoji from WW.


It’s worth an inclusion in the “Beautiful Things” thread, just need to somehow incorporate this into the office lexicon.


US child migrants: Melania calls for end to Trump’s separation policy -


I’d fucking love it if she divorced him for unreasonable behaviour


My gut instinct is that she’ll stay as long as there’s the money. Pretty sure they’ve not had sex in years, she’s just there to look pretty. You can see the outright hostility in her body language when they have to be seen in public together mind.


I imagined there’s a pretty solid prenup, so she’ll get fuck all if she does fuck off


I imagine there’s a golden handcuff whilst the orange buffoon is presiding in office and once he’s out or in jail then she gets to walk away with a payoff. Unless shes waiting for him to croak it and then get the lot!

That pillow must look tempting some nights :laughing:


Wannabe fascist dictator reintroduces concentration camps.