Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


There seems to be a real concern about where all the female kids are - it appears that most of the kids caged up in Texas are almost all male and that there are a load more of these camps that no-one knows about yet.

Some of the language being used to justify this by the scum involved is straight out of the Third Reich and the thought of this cunt coming to Britain on an offical state visit makes my fucking blood boil.


According to Trump it is a mistake to let in immigrants who violently change a nation’s culture. I presume some Cherokee will very much agree with that…


Any self respecting dicktator needs a name.

How about ‘El Grande Cunto’?




I have to say, my inner 12 year old thinks this would be a very cool thing indeed… Apart from the racist terminology thing obvs.


photo GeronimoHomelandSecurity1.jpg




Any Royal Space Force craft should look exactly like the English Electric Lightning F6 with auxiliary over wing mounted fuel tanks.




Given the budget after Brexit, we will be lucky to have this.


No, you’re Rong, Brexit will open massive opportunities for us to regain our rightful place as the dominant power on the planet.

We will have a base on the moon within 5 years and every pure bred Anglo Saxon will move there, and then, just like in Space 1999, we will be able to fulfill every Brexiteers wet dream, we will have Moonxit and we will soon be the dominant power in the Universe…


When you’ve finished with that bongwater, can we have it analysed please? It is clearly good stuff.


Konnie Huq can help me achieve escape velocity any time…


Fox News have bought up all the bongwater on the planet


Twat Burger with extra cunt relish


I can’t verify whether this is legit so proceed with caution - the audio is very disturbing


The Republicans have reached a level of disgusting humanity didn’t need to see again.


I’m not going to listen to that. However, the Guardian cite the audio in their commentary on this mess. I suspect that means that it is verifiable as evidence of the suffering etc going on.

The conflation of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers is disgusting, but plays well with the rednecks. It has been a staple of Strayan politics for 20+ years where the demonisation of ‘illegal asylum seekers’ was a sure fire vote winner with the central Queensland knuckle-draggers. I’m amazed we don’t see more of it here. The ‘Turks are coming’ stuff during the Brexit referendum is a decent example of how to play this stuff and win the public vote.


Ive always loved the idealism of the USA, American exceptionalism, the shining city on a hill stuff (despite the myriad of excellent reasons to see past it.)

While shocked, I’m not surprised about the border issues: Obvious trump is obvious. And odious.

Steven Miller is about as ‘orribke a cunt as you’ll find in any advisor position.

I’m looking, however, at the poll numbers and the shrugging off by the masses of this, the Iran and climate deals, N Korea, Russia, McConnell’s moral awfulness and so on, and THAT scares the crap out of me.

They’re behaving in an appalling way for ANY country, never mind the greatest nation on earth, and nobody - I.e. Joe Public - really seems to give a fuck.

I keep thinking that this is what the terrible IT looks like. The rise of populism that we’ve seen before and is a precursor to much much worse things.

Awful times

Edit: and as if by magic …

Edit: and as if by some evil spell


It’s been nice knowing you all