Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


They no longer give a flying fuck about their own citizens, so why …



@Craig’s post a few up mate. Y’know.


I agree too. But given how few influxees my country’s been prepared to take I entirely understand why Italy’s patience has run out. If they’re being ‘not entirely humane’ now then we’ve been ‘not entirely humane’ since the very start, so I don’t feel we’re in a strong position to criticise them.



It is not just Italy though. Hungary has shut the doors even more firmly and Greece can’t really cope physically or economically whatever about the political will.


I think you should have read it like whistling in an inhumane manner, not Italy dealing with it in an inhumane manner, Graeme @Valvebloke

or, reading it again, maybe not. Alcohol and coherent deabate don’t mix, do they ?


Not how I read it. A couple of commas might transform it into that though.


I hadn’t spotted that. I agree (there I go again) that that’s just as valid a way of reading it.

My real embarrassment though is that I’m prepared to wail about the problem but I’m useless when it comes to suggesting a solution. And maybe that’s because there really isn’t a short-term one:



Yeah, I know, maybe an alcohol induced error. Maybe not. Hey ho !


Ladies and gentleblokes, I give you DERP by American Gammon:

MAGA obviously :unamused:


I bet you’re fuckin’ livid with the tattooist !


His mate, Neil, did it for him.


I might be fat, but I am neither 'murican nor gammon.


Only if mustard coated.


Lest we forget our history lessons…


Where should there have been a comma ?


I didn’t say there should be one. I said that it would change the meaning of the sentence.


That tattoo could be rescued by the judicious application of an apostrophe.


You appear to have misspelled ‘axe’ at the end of that sentence. It is an easy mistake to make, I often find myself typing ‘postroph’ when I mean to type ‘x’.