Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke



I doubt they’ll be setting up here in Brexitland.



Erm…Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


Very funny but…Fake News People…Fake News.


If you are participating in the forced segregation of children, you are A. Making a political decision and B. Are a disgusting excuse for a human being.


And C - a cunt


Dear Murcans,

You have legal provision to form an armed militia against government, what are you waiting for?
The odd angry meme is a tad meepy.

Yours in contempt and conniption

Frampton Horsebender IV


Fuck, I’ve already forwarded it to about 30 colleages


Haha, this is genius. How can people be so fucking thick?! (Still, it explains Trump to an extent)


Not just spams remember the paediatrician in pompey whose house was vandalised as they thought she was a kiddy fiddler.


I think there’s a more significant problem occupying much of the Trump base, and it’s not that they are thick necessarily, but that they are actually extremely unpleasant people on the whole. The proportion of his base that are absolutely fine with the child separation policy and think it is officially a “good thing” is really quite disturbing,


That will be sending a good portion of his US customer base into meltdown, they aren’t exactly renowned for their left leaning tendencies.







If you are going to do something monumentally stupid, give it an acronym that appeals to the lowest common denominator.