Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke









Sorry for posting so much Trump related Twitter stuff but there is some top notch Trump baiting going on.




And yet Republican voters buy it. Christ

I saw a poll story on twitter yesterday (and can’t find it now, soz) wherein the voter group who most felt that they consumed a wide rangeof news sources were MAGA’s

So: that’s Breitbart, Infowars and Fox


But . . .but . . .Hillary’s e-mails!! :grinning:




Some Trump callers getting upset over the balloon;


LOL, I love how Trump supporters can ignore/gloss over his daily cuntish outrages but never miss a chance at serious session of butthurt whenever the manchild’s ego gets bruised.
Doubly frustrating is the fact that most of them are the type that refer to anyone that displays any amount of empathy, compassion, or just plain human decency as a “snowflake”.


The fake news caller at the bottom of that page was an absolute wanker who is going to pop the balloon with his drone.


Ahahahahahahha . . . the comments section . . . hahahahha . . . Catholics4Trump is an actual thing . . . hahahhahahahha.


Why the fuck is there only one bastard blimp? There should be a sky full capable of dumping silage on his motorcade from the moment he steps out of AF1. They should also have onboard loudhailers playing recordings of his more absurd and abusive musings interspersed with the sounds of weeping children and Robson and Jerome - Perhaps the R2R clansmen could assist?

The biggest threat to the planet is coming and we’ve got a poxy balloon… No Sirs! This is weak sauce indeed!


Aside from sleeping over at the isolated ambassador’s residence in Regent’s park (arriving & leaving by helicopter) he won’t see anything of London or any protests He’s going to Chequers & Windsor before heading to his golf club in Scotland.


but he’ll see it on the news and that will be enough :slight_smile: