Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


Imagine if conscription kicked in here.
"Sorry Sir, no battling for me today, no WiFi. Also shouldn’t I just skip this bit and be a general by now? "


Well it started well at breakfast


WTF is a bilateral breakfast?


Sounds smutty somehow


It’s the best breakfast in the world, the best ever, the best the world has ever seen.


The art of the meal.



It’s like the breakfast of champions but they pee on each other


With the steaming smell of sugar puffs emanating from their pee.



Kurt Vonnegut would turn in his grave if he thought he was being associated with Trump - however loosely.


May is inflicting David Mundane on Trump. Not the sort of thing you would do to a friend or ally.


Trump will feel right at home meeting a cunt


It’s worse than that Allan. It’s cunt meets obsequious cuntbutler.




Michael Fabricunt is defo the love child of Kid jensen and Mike Flowers


BBC reporting that NATO in emergency session. Trump is threatening to pull the US out of NATO unless member countries double their spending to 4% immediately.


Trump speaking now in a much more conciliatory mood.
‘NATO are doing tremendous numbers like they have never done before’


‘NATO is now much stronger than it was 2 days ago’

What a twat


I have had to turn him off after 4 minutes before I smash my TV


He is a raving fucking looney

It’s like watching a horror version of Forest Gump