Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


I was reading that - superb




This stuff is the best laugh I’ve had in a while (I know I don’t get out much)


it is a joke.

But how many 'mericans will fall for it like they did at the election.

Frightening times.


This is hilarious, Jacob Wohl is such a stupid cunt and so far up Trumps arse he’s in danger of being sneezed out of his nose like a great big glob of snot.

Fucking brilliant.


I’ve no doubt they’ll lap it up but I think maybe this time they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. If your going to accuse an ex-FBI director of rape then you had better be right.

Not only was he on jury duty, the room where the alleged assaults took place is a 24 hour gym :grinning:



#morongate :rofl:


Didn’t take him long - Trump will be taking notes.


One final thing


The Tsunami of information, outrage and opinion (Particularly via Twitter) serves to divert the issues (As soon as they are posted they are yesterdays news) This smokescreen of information overload allows the real policy issues to go virtually unmentioned. Bannon 101.


There are two ways to hide something

i) Conceal it.

ii) Leave it right where it is but surround it with so much other stuff that it’s impossible to find/see it.



Donald’s quiet, which is worrying. Could mean the cunts thinking.




Breath holding usually ends in an explosive outburst.


Getting his hallowe’en costume ready, zombie make-up, carving the pumpkin …



…carving the pumpkin…
Is that a euphemism?


Same colour


Cleaning out 3 brace of pheasants.