Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


Doh, What HAVE I been doing today :scream:


I guess pheasants can do that to you. It must be the fumes


Trump visited Pittsburgh, paid his respects and left without making a public statement. To my astonishment, for once, he seems to have done the right thing.


You should know better Paul


Why anyone would show that Orange cunt respect is beyond me.


He starts the tweet talking about himself and ends with mentioning the sad and solemn occasion.

Almost the definition of narcissism.

Total cunt


My personal favourite.
Easy mistake to make when looking for an invisible car;


They’ll have to make the car bigger :roll_eyes:


Yes,i was hoping that when the car pulled away,he was still in the background looking for it.


John Travolta memes in 3…2…1


Donald Cunt stoking the fires…again


These are great:

This one is just OK:

Unsubtle, but gets the point across:


The Russian lapel pins are a nice touch :grinning:


I don’t know what to say really.


He’s been taking tactical tips from that other Cunt in Chief, Netanyahu.


Seemingly there is also a variety of armed militas heading to the border as well - what can possibly go wrong.


There’s a slaughter in the offing Allan, I reckon the regular Army will actually be very reticent to open fire, but the National Guard and the other nutters will be itching to prove their virility by offing some MS 13 potential recruits.

The Rio Grande will be running red.


This. Sadly this :frowning_face:


Just remember, guns don’t kill people, it is people marching on roads that kill people.


I was right, Donalds only thought process is along the lines of " I’m bored, what crock of shite can I stir ", the cunt needs a leucotomy.