Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


Ramping up the FUD prior to the mid terms.


“Tougher on migration than any other US president …”




Can’t wait for Donald Cunt’s response to this…


Lots of pussy to grab :wink:


He’ll have to get past the defensive end first


More smoke and mirrors for his base. The military has assisted at the border in the past, in logistics and surveillance roles (the same thing they will wind up doing this time). The military CAN NOT be used as a police force.


Also the ‘caravan’ is still hundreds of miles from the border & won’t be there before the mid-terms.

But if he can milk the ‘threat’ you can bet he will.




That freaks me. A lot. Can’t stop looking at Dobnald Cunt… hypnocunt



Impeachvfefe Incoming



Muller can’t be fired and…


On the other hand…

Somebody needs to subpoena and impeach a bit of sense into DJT by the looks of it.


So desperately disappointed that Beto didn’t wipe the floor with Lying Ted. Struggling to get my head entirely around the other races in Texas (I know it’s to do with gerrymandered constituencies…but still)

That man is a young Jed Bartlett


I’ve just been reading up on Don Young who is the Republican Representative for Alaska. He seems like an interesting guy:

He regularly wields an 18-inch walrus penis bone for when trying to emphasize a point. He once threatened to bite a fellow Republican.

Seems like Trump is not that ‘out there’ compared to others.



Has he waved it at his fellow Alaskan redneck, Sarah Palin?