Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke




It gets worse


FFS. Where is the bottom for these clowns?


There is no bottom - they will do and say anything to stay in power.




Best press conference ever. How the fuck did the Nobel Committee overlook this titan among statesmen, this model of grace under pressure.



Not quite thoughts and prayers, but almost

Couldn’t even be arsed to give the name, just called him That Sherriff’s Sergeant…


He did invoke the invisible friend in the sky though.


‘Now we just need to roll out a programme to ensure that every Disc Jockey in this great nation is armed with an automatic weapon, and this kind of failure to bear lethal arms will never have to happen again…’


There’s a ‘Goldie Looking Chain’ song in there somewhere


Having a gun didn’t help That Sheriff’s Sergeant did it.


‘We need moar That Sheriffs and moar guns’.

‘You failing liberals just need to accept that moar guns is the answer. Now what is the question?’







White House releases new footage of Jim Acosta incident:

— Have I Got News For You (@haveigotnews) November 9, 2018

Although this one’s also good

— Leroy Patterson (@HumanTackboard) November 8, 2018


He is fucking hunhinged


The scrapings of the barrel are the new appointees


Said by anyone else on the planet that would be surprising and shocking.


Drain the swamp he said