Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


Looking forward to reading all of the “valid” reasons and justifications his supporters will come up with to justify this.
Was going to say unbelievable but really, incredible is much more suitable.



He really is a despicable individual. Way beneath contempt.



Few of his fans were going nuts on twitter yesterday, saying people suggesting an old man should go out in the rain are sick and twisted


Two closer synonyms are harder to find, tbh :wink:


It’s not Trump per se, but it’s very much Trump’s America. I still cannot get over this story:


I was trying to convey that from all that has happened previously i can believe it, just don’t understand it. Unbelievable just sounds a bit tame somehow. Incomprehensible is perhaps better.
Anyway up, you think he can’t shock you any further and up he steps.
So depressing.


Having a pop at the French now re WW11, morally bankrupt this fucker.
When he’s speaking, why does the movement of his mouth remind me of an arsehole trying to evacuate.


Did you read Guy Verhofstadt’s very pithy response to his tweet?





Because it does :+1:


Rumoured to be trump’s birthday.

Many happy tax returns, Mr President.




Alexa says it is the 14th June which is a huge fucking relief as it would have ruined my bday if it was the same day!!


:heart_eyes: I need one of these…:heart_eyes:


Etsy is your friend


Changed my mind, the hands are too big. It is clearly fake.