Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


Make it so :rage:



Asked outside the White House about the findings that unchecked global warming would wreak havoc on the US economy, he said: “I don’t believe it.”

It’s a report by his own government…



It’s in the genes

‘He quickly turned his attention to catering for the masses of other gold hunters in Alaska, later allegedly running a brothel for them, and there made his fortune. He habitually sent the gold nuggets with which his customers regularly paid for their food to his sisters who had already emigrated to New York and had started trading in property.’


Loved Anne Hegarty’s reply when John Barrowman ( I’m a celebrity ) asked her for some interesting facts about America, after a short preamble of facts she added ‘and is governed by a fuckwit’




Mueller gets ever closer. :+1:


Trump’s been losing his shit on Twitter all day. A sure sign.


Just heard Trump on the radio, sounded a bit flustered.

I think there’s a lot more shit to come out yet.



Remember, Cohen apparently taped everything so he didn’t have to take notes during meetings.

This could be soooo sweet. I really, really hope that Mueller is just teasing it all out, with the expectation that the cunt will just explode one day and incriminate himself.


Going like dominoes now.


The problem will come if he is impeached and or charged - his followers will go fucking nuts and they have a lots and lots of guns and that’s just the cops.


No bother, I’ll be 4000 miles away. #buildthewall




No way on earth did did the Cuntard write this:

I wonder if he’ll be invited to the funeral?


Bush declared against Trump, so the Prez probably doesn’t want to go anyway. :slightly_smiling_face:


He is probably hoping for rain, then he doesn’t have to go.