Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke





Love the look on Obama’s face in the second pic. He seems to be thinking ‘I trained that dog well’


In which the great hope of the religious right looks completely out of place in a church.



Pence poised for penetration


Cohen to serve serious time despite helping the FBI. All sorts of exciting stuff happening tonight. Notice Trump directly implicated by Feds. Worth reading the thread.

Also, the racist fucknugget who ran over those AntiFa protestors was found guilty of first degree murder. I’m not sure if he is liable for execution or not. I hope not as I would prefer he fester in jail than be rendered a martyr by the knuckle-draggers…


Don’t think he did help the FBI, I thought they have cancelled the deal and charged him with the offences he was going to avoid as he has continued lying and being a twat.


Very much this


I thought that was Manafort. I think the Cohen thing is new. Anyway, the New York State Prosecutor is after Cohen. I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t spend the majority of the next 20 years in Court or in the Big House.


Kelly gone as Chief of Staff…

Is 18 months a heroic tour of duty in the current White House?


18 months working for trump is a fucking miracle


Problem is, how far down the barrel do you go before you find someone obnoxious enough to agree with you on a long term basis.

Bit like us, no effective opposition at the moment.


PFM is holding its own, surely ?




course, as ever.


Don’t think anyone could agree with trump, he’s so batshit crazy and clueless he changes his mind every 30 seconds.

Corbyn is going to save us all, apparently he has a solution that does away with the backstop completely, the guys a genius.


Can’t put the link in with this phone but interesting to see Kelly Anne Conway’s lawyer husband George slaughtering Trump on Twitter.


It’s a strange one - their home life must be interesting as he never misses a chance to stick the boot in to Trump