Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


Whole fucking world is going to hell in a handcart.

Why oh why can’t we just accept each other for what we are ?

Depressing beyond words


It’s the other videos that show just how many of them there were - adults included.

As you say Mark - run the fucking lot of them off a cliff - filthy cunts.


I visited a museum dedicated to the Native Americans on the Mall in Washington. It should really be renamed the museum of Genocide. These cunts could do with a compulsory tour.


These bastards are from a Catholic Boys School and were there to a attend a pro-life march. You couldn’t make this shit up.



Photoshopping his own hands to make them more bigly. Seriously WTF is going on with this turd?


Just read that. Mucking fuppet.


Nathan Philips is my hero. The young MAGAts were harassing four young black preachers who were at the Lincoln Memorial try to spread a message of racial equality to visitors. Philips stepped between the gathering youths and the black men and began to drum and chant, walking forward and parting the crowd until the smirking cunt stepped in his way and rallied the rednecks.
Who raised these cunts? What the fuck kind of “education” are they receiving at their “Catholic boys school”?Where were the adults, did they think it was a good idea allow a group of teenage boys in MAGA hats to run wild on the National Mall?
All I keep thinking of is the groups of Hitlerjugend in 1930s Germany who were encouraged by their “leaders” to harass and rough up Jews, intellectuals and other “degenerate” enemies of the state :weary:



For fuck’s sake…:rage:


I wonder if they’ll also be served a load of junk food


If so I hope the minimum wage folks who prepare it arrange for there to be plenty of the winter vomiting bug all over it.



Suppose he has nothing else to do with no Government to run.

Nothing about this twat surprises me now.


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They’ll get better food than the Clemson football team. Because racism feeds racism.




Nice one, Donald…cunt!


And the revolving dumpster fire of the Trump administration continues unabated in its goal to make America the shittiest country on the planet:


What a shit cunt!


I disagree, he’s fucking good at it.