Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke



Probably been posted before, but worth a second viewing. Vincente Fox, I’d vote for him.


Biggley good


LOL, Trump has no idea how to end the shutdown. The “deal maker” has no understanding of creating a concensus.
His past “great deals” in business were situations where he held all the cards and decided to start “negotiating” when it was time to pay, knowing that the contractors he was dealing with didn’t have the money to go through the courts so they would settle for partial payment. The practice was jokingly referred to as a “Trump discount” in New York for years.


Sounds familiar :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I so hope this is true, along with extra tiny hand prints on the pavement.


Decisive Donald decides to act. A despot, running amok in his country. Trump & the CIA set up a replacement leader to overthrow this brigand. An evil, albeit oil rich dictator who murders journalists & oppresses any form of resistance. Finally the time is right to put an end to this reign of terror.

But enough of the Saudis Let’s have a pop at Venezuela instead.

What Maduro is doing may well be wrong but it really isn’t for other external parties to try to effect regime change there. Britain and the EU are supporting this aswell which is shameful.

There are supposed to be rules overseen by the UN that prevent this sort of thing yet the US just can’t help itself. No lessons appear to have been learned from the past decades of misguided foreign policy

How would the US feel if other countries decided its leadership was out of control, its people were suffering and measures needed to be taken to throw Trump out of office? (actually a majority there would likely be quite happy about it!)

Leave Venezuela to sort itself out.


This. Interference in other regimes has caused enough damage.

The fact that they have the largest known oil reserves of any country in the World will not have a bearing on any of this, will it.


Here come the Murcans


America, World Police



Except you’ll never hear the words

Y’all come back now, y’hear?


As well as the obvious wars it has started or got itself involved in. They are the world’s largest terrorist force except we don’t call them that as they are a sovereign nation.




Fuck me sideways.


People were entertained when Trump seemed to nickname Speaker Nancy Pelosi “Nancy,” which is already her name.


I agree, although I can understand the desire to try to “help”. Unfortunately, what America (and us) tend to do is undermine the current regime, especially when it doesn’t like the leader.

I would like to see foreign “help” being much more focused on ensuring that basic services are close to universal: water and sewerage, electricity, internet. Then education for all, and help with setting up civil service infrastructure, banking, these kinds of things.

Once the people have their basic needs catered for and know what is really going on in their country, they are much more likely to stay there (reducing the migrant issue for us), and not tolerate the levels of corruption that are endemic in so many countries.

But we’d rather just use them as a justification for our military budget and steal their oil. And since we are unwilling to solve our own distribution of wealth issues, we’re unlikely to try to fix anyone else’s.



Peculiar how the poorest people in Venezuela still support Maduro & the better off middle class people don’t. Venezuela’s problems are complex but certainly haven’t been helped by US sanctions since Chavez was in charge.

I understand that the Bank of England are refusing to give back some of Venezuela’s gold reserves. As someone said this morning, " Nothing says rules based international order like refusing to give a state back its own gold."


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Man, just imagine if we got a 2-For-1 with both Trump and Farage on the same rocket getting fired into the sun.