Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


Bigger audience than the Moon landings, guaranteed.



Trump caves in on the government shutdown - the beginning of the end for him.:+1:


He has only signed off a temporary deal lasting 3 weeks.
He is probably thinking he will go ahead with State of the Union speech then it will be ‘Fuck you Pelosi, where’s my wall?’ and withdraw funding again




His finest moment:


On the timescale of Trump’s attention span that’s long enough to forget the whole thing. He already seems to have forgotten that Mexico was supposed to provide the funds. Maybe he’s hoping the new guy in Venezuela will send him some oil money ? His support base probably think that Venezuela is pretty much southern Mexico. There’s only a handful of little places between the two surely ?



I would be surprised if half of his support base knows which continent Venezuela is on.


He really is a child.


Be good if we could manage that at home, ditto the US, before sticking our nose into other countries…


But who are we going to take the piss out of when he’s impeached, assassinated, voted out or gaoled ?
I suppose Murca’s like waiting for a bus, there’ll be another one along shortly.




Now that is one insignificunt reptile



Hofner President.



As usual the orange cunt is unable to resist any opportunity to make himself look thick.


A response in that thread


Woof! Bark! mmmnnnng!