Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke






The banks (you know, the guys who precipitated the financial crisis we’re still recovering from) look to save about $21 billion from the Trump tax cut. NASA’s budget request is about $19.5 billion, for comparison purpose.


More ridiculous lefty clap trap from Robert Reich in the Graun.

Trump offers socialism for the rich, capitalism for everyone else


Fox News - where Donald gets his truth from.

I guess if you don’t believe we’re causing climate change or that inoculations are for the public good then this might make ‘sense’ too.



Not even after going to the loo? Dirty bastard!


Atheist then?


Perhaps he’s confident that he’s clean on the inside ?

EDIT Also had a child with another woman while still married to his second wife. So on shaky ground when it comes to that one about adultery (no 6 or 7, depending). I suppose he could believe in polygamy which can be OK if you’re a Mormon or a Muslim (that would be ironic).



Which bit of ‘the government look after you with ‘our money’ when you are rich but don’t when you are poor’ do you disagree with?


As I said, lefty old clap trap.

Hard core, balls deep disaster capitalist me.

Fuck everybody except me, it’s the future.


So you’d fit in very well in Trumpworld then:grinning:, and why on earth are you reading The Guardian?


According to Corbynites the Grauniad is a right wing rag.


I read it so I can spot all the dangerous lefty bollocks. I see it as my civic duty to tell everyone how dangerous it is.


Given that you’ve eschewed (don’t get to use that one often enough) socialist softyness I take it that you then cut it into squares and hang it on the back of the lavvy door. Now wash your hands :grin:



Excellent word


BBC Cameraman Suffers ‘Incredibly Violent Attack’ At Trump Rally


Art of the deal . . .

Trump could have had $25 billion for his border wall last spring, but wouldn’t budge on DACA protections and legal immigration numbers (he wanted them lowered to 1930’s levels).

Demanded $5.7 billion.

Was prepared to accept a $1.6 billion deal until he got tea bagged by alleged woman Ann Coulter, and so shut down the government.

Will now (apparently) sign a deal giving $1.375 billion.

Yes, he is truly playing 4D chess while everyone else is playing checkers, as his moronic supporters on Reddit and 4Channel are wont to point out :joy:


These cunts really need to be stopped at all costs.


Evolution will take its cause in this case unfortunately.