Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke






Interesting perspective



  1. "I know there are people in the Republican Party and people – really, even conservatives – good conservatives – they don’t like tariffs. I’m not liking or not liking.







A jump is hardly surprising. Between the date of announcement and imposition of the tariffs and quotas on China there was a substantial increase in business, that is, customers in the USA bought more than they ordinarily would have to lock in the cheaper prices.

Expect the deficit to narrow somewhat during the next accounting period. If there is no fall in the deficit then the USA has scored a significant own goal.


Hmmm . . . Republicans attempt to juice the economy and wind up with shit on their hands . . . never seen that before :face_with_raised_eyebrow::rofl:


More fake news :rofl:


So people are no longer bothered by the use of substitute Melanias now? :grinning:


WTF is the woman? Is she even real?



The AP says it is Melania



He has never been that bothered.


Looks like she missed her latest botox appointment, he needs to be careful as she may start displaying emotions soon.


I saw the footage the White House released. It did appear to be her although the still photo above does look like someone else.