Sheesh…suppose it had to happen sooner or later, a post in the hifi section. :slight_smile:

All the pics of interesting home brewed kit recently has made me want a little project of my own, but nothing overly complicated.

I remember seeing pictures of speakers made out of 4" soil pipe that were vertical some while back.

Would it be worth it or do they sound gash?


If you are into omni directional type things they are alright.

Hmmm… gash I take it.

Will just renew the bathroom then as my project. :frowning:

Don’t forget to put a sink in there :+1:

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Not sure, there was a set at scalford one year it didn’t get long to listen. Some people love them.

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I’ll put you in the fucking sink. :slight_smile:

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When I did my bathroom back in the mid-Cretaceous I bought some half-way decent drivers with waterproof (i.e. plastic) diaphragms from a marine chandler and fitted them into the ceiling. They’re not exactly high-end but they do mean I can lie in the tub and relax to the sound of trance/Bert Kaempfert/Austrian Death Machine as the mood takes me … what could be nicer …


Think it was the RFC version that was there. Wasn’t that impressed, especially at over £2k retail.


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I knew you would collar me for that :confounded:

Ah, al fresco, now you’re talking !



I expected better from you Graeme. :slight_smile:

Pmac yes but certainly not from you.


Ffs… there is no show without Punch. :slight_smile:

They wouldn’t last long at a bake off :smile:

I’m afraid you’re currently only enrolled in the free trolling service sir. Better is, of course, available but most find the cost prohibitive :slight_smile:.


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Which sort of leads here…


What is it called in a toilet / kitchen. Stink ?? :smile:

Not safe. The bucket’s blocking access to the fire extinguisher.


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