Dvd/cd player recs

Playing more cds than vinyl these days, so can anyone rec a decent dvd/cd player

More than happy if it’s just scart for the telly

Stu, got my Sony S9000ES spare if you want something on a long term loan, only 480P over Scart for DVD though.


Thanks for the offer Rob
Using a cheaper es at present which is very good, but think it is on its last legs
Hopefully it will keep going for a few months

Well its sitting here in a box at the moment since we moved, I love it as a CDP but its not getting used for two reasons:
-Its flipping massive and won’t fit in my rack!
-Using Spotify for most of the listening atm!

If we can get it down to you then you are welcome to have it for as long as you want/need.


The Arcam DV79/88’s etc are worth a punt - very good with DVD’s but make excellent CD players.


Will have a look, was going to use the money I get selling the thorens
Just trying to keep the box count down, but will separate if it makes a big difference to sq

Only use dvd for music docs, so not fussed about that side to much

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Someone was selling an Oppo on here a while back , they’re supposed to be the mutts nuts.

Edit, they were in the states, so probably not a goer…

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It’s very good :+1: