DVLA Phantoms

Anyone heard a pair?
I’m debating getting rid of my Bryston with series-wired Leema Xaviers and Ditton 66 series 2 due to a foolish house move…
Would I get anywhere near the scale and bass oomph I have at the moment?

I heard a pair at Whittlebury a couple of years ago. They did a good job at filling a large room, and I could certainly see us having a pair in a second room at some point in the future. But I am not convinced they are good enough to replace a decent hifi… Definitely worth a listen though.

@f1eng has had a pair for a while.

Heard em, wouldn’t replace a hifi with them, but a house party with a couple of them in every room would be cool.


I heard a pair at the “Indulgence Show” and thought they were very good.

I’ve been mildly put off by tales of reliability issues on the devialetchat forum. Also it looks like the connectivity box only supports one digital input, which knocks it right out for me. Granted, I may have misunderstood - the website is a bit thin on technical detail.

Heard Frank’s pair at a show a couple of years ago. Very interesting concept - sound was not totally my bag - but I like LVs - so my opinion counts for nothing!

Didn’t like them, thought they were pretty average, they paint in a big fat brush sort of way, lack detail and sympathy for music.

But then I don’t like class-d or their amps shaped like bathroom scales.

I heard Franks at Scalford, they were surprising.

Surprisingly magnifique, or surprisingly merde?

I didn’t have that much time with them to make a fair assessment to be honest.

It’s a bit like ‘normal’ small speakers making a big sound/lots of bass, it’s impressive at first.

I still have mine. I think the SQ is excellent. I have a CD transport connected to one digital input, a computer to one speaker and the TV to the other. Spark software routes everything appropriately.
I don’t have to but could be completely satisfied with them as my only system. The things I like less about them have nothing to do with SQ. I have had mine almost 2 years now and no reliability problems for me so far.

I don’t pay much attention to most of the wingeing on Devialet moan.

Mind you I also like the amps, I consider them to be the least noisy, least coloured amps I have heard. They are also much more versatile than Phantoms.

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You are more than welcome to come and have a listen to mine. I am in Oxfordshire.


OIC. That sheds more light than any amount of website reading. Thanks very much.

Cheers! I might go and visit Mr MAX though as he’s much closer!
What I don’t understand is how to connect to a pre-amp? I’ll need something to switch between cd/dvd/vinyl/tv, but doesn’t the dialog box only have 1 digital input?
And does 2 sound better than 1?

You can only switch inputs in software. To use and LP there needs to be a converter from analog to optical digital after the phono stage (I don’t use a turntable with mine.
There are no analogue connections at all.
There are 3 optical digital inputs in a stereo system, one on each speaker and one on the dialog.
The system has to be configured and all music has to be routed by Spark. This is the aspect I like least, not the sound quality. It isn’t really targeted at old traditional blokes like me…