eBay question

If an EU buyer wants to purchase an item from me does it matter if they make the payment in Euros or should I get them to pay in £. Not sure if I get stung for the conversion costs. The payment is being made with PayPal.

I am pretty sure if the listing is in pounds, that is what you receive. The buyer can pay in any currency they choose, but they have to pay for the exchange rate, to pounds.

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Thanks Gregg I checked with eBay and you are right.

I haven’t sent anything to the EU since Brexit. Has anyone here and is it an easy process? I’m just not sure if it’s worth the hassle. It’s for my Kuzma arm so not a cheap item.

We send stuff to Europe a fair bit,but only do it through the global shipping scheme to cut out paperwork

I think your liability ends once it has reached the global shipping site in the UK as well, once it enters the global shipping network it is ebay’s responsibility.

Probably a bonus given the Italian postal services ability for things to “vanish”

Yes,once it gets to them,it’s there responsibility thereafter

So if I use the global shipping do I have to fill out any customs forms or do eBay do all that?

EBay do all the paperwork,down side is they fleece the buyer postage wise

Great cheers Stu :+1:

Also make sure on the options that you will only post abroad via the global shipping programme,and if you can,put the weight and size of package in the box or eBay will come up with a even sillier price

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