eBay stuff (Part 2)

Haha, I’m being cunty but this isn’t 100%. Selling on the internet is more than that due to buyer anxiety. The way to quell this / achieve a sale is to drive desire past ‘fear’ - Clear pictures are only part of this (Essential tho, you want to make it the next best thing to being in the room with them) - Presentation has plays a large part too. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression - This is why some window dressers get paid rather high sums and don’t just plonk stock in a window.

Aspiration / lifestyle / taste / are all leverage to ‘want’. Adding a well recorded film of the speakers working generally is a good idea too (Quells buyer anxiety / need for demo - OK the film doesn’t tell you a great deal (A sip of the juice) other than the things are all fully functioning which is 70% of potential concern)

For someone selling high-end kit for a living, yes, that’s certainly a theoretical ideal. Just never look at Emporium’s listings unless you actually enjoy connipting so hard that you sprain your rage-muscle.

And definitely don’t ever look at Fink Pish’s calcified ads - thick, lazy cunt central awaits: “Hurrdurr! Me not know how digital camera work! Durrrhurp! Me don’t know how photo hosting work! Derpaderpadurrrr! My dad was roadkill and my mum was a damp cardboard box! Arse glued to sofa anyway… Hurrrrrrrrrberdurrrr…


Plus the place has self recruited photo police, who point out that photos are always “nice”.
Which is true unless you are selling a half meter rca cable.
Some excellent gushers there as well.

All true, and yet the main reason to stay away is still because it’s mostly Naim and Linn crap for sale :poop:

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FFS Paul, you could just look away! :rofl:


But… But… I’ve actually come to ENJOY my rage and despair! :laughing:

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Stockholm’d by your own misery :rofl:


Masochism’s a fickle mistress…

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Just a quick rant about watchers.
If you have no interest in buying then just fuck off
Nosy voyeuristic cunts

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GIF by Matthew Henry


Where’s the fun in that? I’ve got all sorts of unaffordable exotica in my watch list :laughing:


For the same reason there’s an interesting speakers thread on here, it’s nice to look.


Looking at a listing is not the same as putting it on a watch list.
The other side of the coin is that you have an item for sale with 35 watchers
Three weeks into the sale you send an offer to all of them also inviting them to start a conversation and make an offer.
Not one person replies, not one of them is vaguely serious.

Fucking window licking tyre kicking time wasters. :grinning:,

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There’s an entire subculture that takes it one step further and adds unaffordable stuff to their online shopping cart because that kind of makes it theirs :man_shrugging:


Then there are the people who actually ‘buy’ the item but never pay.
We have about 30 of those a week on our work ebay account.

Nearly always late night ‘purchases’

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Window shopping / inspiration / seeing if things sell / judging options / obsessing / analyzing images to see if there is a ball sack… These are a few of my favorite things.

There are too many ebay threads on this forum.

I am watching them all :grinning:


Checking what items sell for and how quick they sell is obviously useful for people who may be thinking about selling their own stuff - It’s what I do. That could make a large proportion of watchers out there.