eBay stuff (Part 2)




Ooh, that’s the right country for me at least.


And the amp I want is in there. What’s the import duty, just 20% VAT, auction buyers mark up will be what, another 15 %?

Less than the number of Shure V15 carts that’s for sure :grin:

The Air Tight?

I really like the look of the JBL Paragon system, but they are serious money nowadays


The audio note

Yep that piqued my interest too.

I was deeply enamoured by some of the Marantz amps/receivers :heart_eyes:

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The Air Tight is a ‘1’. The 1s is considerably better

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An auction in France of quite a big hi-fi collection next Tuesday

Estimates seem on the high side. But they’re just estimates of course.

On our first trip away together Mrs VB (we weren’t married then) and I once had the most French lunch I’ve ever had in a cafe on the Rue Drouot. Seating was upstairs and very crowded. You were plonked down on a bench alongside complete strangers. A waiter took your order, and maybe one or two others, without taking notes and came back a few minutes later with the dishes stacked along his arm. The tables were covered in plain cheap paper and the bill was scribbled down on the corner of a sheet of this, torn off and handed to you for payment at the exit.

The place had been recommended by a young woman I knew from my schooldays who was living in Paris for a year while she studied modern languages. She told me she was planning to become a spy, and I believed her.


Scroll up! :laughing:

Oops !

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Rega ELAs in Hastings

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You should buy them for a surround system!

For that one quad album I own :ok_hand:


LOL, they’re located in Birmingham.

Do it.