eBay stuff (Part 2)

Selling that lot on Gumtree???

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the reason i posted, completely bizarre.
You never know, someone looking for a fish tank might spot the £10k Aqua DAC and make an impulse buy.

I’m not sure - it looks like he went from the Aqua dac to a DCS one, so if anything he’s just gone further up the ladder.

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Was having a casual scroll through the amplifiers on my local FB marketplace this morning. Everything pretty much as you’d expect, anxient junk, budget AV amps, that sort of thing. 300€ tops for almost all of it. And then a 14,000€ Luxman pre-power combo :rofl:

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Nothing remotely sus about knocking-out 5-figure hifi on Gumtree! No sirree…

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Cash on collection only, please send your 80 yr old mum with the money.

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Weren’t gryphon the ones who rebadged a NAD or something and tripled the price a few decades ago?

I’m not aware of that (not saying they didn’t). I know Lexicon did it with an AV processor, and I think Goldmund did it with an amplifier.

Goldmund did it with a pioneer dvd player

Edit: and about 60x the price :rofl:

Guessing the reserve is £450

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Briefly contemplated bidding, but don’t really need the heat or power consumption.

You’d be wanting to check them caps n stuff out before applying power.

Large amounts of heat generation in a wooden box? I think I would be keeping ESure on speed dial.

NAD silver line and some similar vintage Gryphon. Gryphon of course sent it and say that there was a designer that went to work for NAD but if you look at the insides the only difference is the transformers.

The seller is Haden Boardman isn’t it?

Dunno, can’t remember if that is a bad thing.

Well we need to know.

I believe I’ve talked to him on the phone

Haden* repaired my FiLs valve amps a few years back. The kit scattered around his front room in various stages of being taken apart/rebuilt was eye opening. He was/is very ill.

*I believe Mike Powell did some of the actual work but either way, they turned out very nice

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they’re near me, might have a cheeky bid for a laugh. might make a good re-capping project to re-learn how to solder.

“Condition: For parts or not working” = “Don’t come crying to me when they die.”

FWIW, they’re VERY ugly, but 95% of the heat would have been heading up-and-out via the enormous heatsinks, so were it not for the description, I’d not have been overly concerned, especially if the caps are 85C or 105C rated, which I have a notion those RIFAs are.

But “For parts or not working” makes me wonder if something awkward and unobtainium has actually released The Magic Smoke, plus DIY builds can be an absolute nightmare to work on. In any case you’re buying a huge unknown, that needs new (lower) casework. I wouldn’t, even for cheap.

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