eBay stuff (Part 2)

Would want to rebuild the case and get the caps away from the heatsinks.

Price up replacement caps before thinking it might be a bargain. And go for high temp rated ones anyway.

If yer in need of a variac or some test equipment for borrows give me a shout. We have lots of that sort of thing.

p.s. if they are a bit shite they would be good for keeping horses warm in the winter.

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I’ll probably have a bid.

There is nothing unobtanium in the aleph design.

The cost of all the parts excluding the power supply is usually <£100

The power supply looks nice as it has big chokes.

The power supply caps won’t be cheap.

Aleph 2 is 100w per channel with about 300w per channel in heat. They will pull something like 400-500w out of the wall consistently per channel.

My aleph 2 were pulling around 900 Watts combined according to the smart meter.

Fantastic amps, first time I’ve seen a kit version for sale

Forgot, those are the KK pcbs, so half decent.


As long as you only use them in the winter the thermo valves on your rads will compensate for them (OK, electricity ≠ gas).

He’s been trying to sell this lot for over 2 years now and it still hasn’t twigged that he’s asking nearly double the going rate for them

I hope he is using AN or Kondo wire for the high quality earthing arrangement on the back of the S8 Sut. If not I might have to offer him £500 to take it off his hands and get it sorted.

Indeed. However, The Facts < The Pisstake.

In the description it says they are working

I think the originals were rated at 300w each. Makes my 300b pse’s look Greta friendly.

Quite fancy trying Pass monos, but summat like F5 monos may be the thing.

I have gone a bit Rabski on building stuff. One day maybe.

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Aleph 5 was 60w, 2 was 100w and 1.2 was 200w.

Unless you mean power draw then it’s roughly 3x rated power depending on the bias setting.

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He is in fantasy land at that price.

Think I might have a go at them, wondering if I can find a couple of those milled ally amp cases from Ali express to fit them…. Or maybe get them made up in granite a lá SECA…

You will have to outbid me :grin:

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Then I’ll probably lose, because I’m a cheap cunt. If you win I’m happy to collect them for you until you can get up here or arrange a taxi.

2 of these should do it. You might get away with the smaller ones.

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Only if I remember to bid.

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You should make some up out of cnc’d Corian to go with Kat Kistas.

Quite like the fruit box look tbh. I do have a mountain of Corian though.

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