eBay stuff


Too, too easy :unamused:


That was a huge part of the fun…


Never liked them, too bright and the shiny finish is cheapo in the flesh. If you have to go Chi-fi then there are better options.


Still better than those Harbeths in his room though.


Centre channel for @coco ? :grinning:



Treble units are differently spaced on each speaker…:thinking:


Look like the baffles are made out of packing crates. With a seller name like Sameday12 that could well be true.


Both above comments have more to do with the magnificent British work ethic than as anything I suspect…

Are these the Leaks that lunch their foam surrounds with some gusto?


Yeah, you took the grills off British speakers at your peril in those days. I had a factory pair of wharfedales where the midrange unit placement was completely different on one of them.


“Vintage” “Classic” “Rare”

“Hard to believe how good they are” (that why I’m selling them, obvs)



They’re eighty-five quid and look to be in fairly good nick, hardly Scam of the Century


I’m desperately trying to find a reason for me to have this, but I’m struggling. It looks great!


I wonder if it works? And if so what sort of sound it produces? It’s size is currently putting me off taking a punt, thankfully :grinning:


Be great as a TV cabinet. If you had a CRT TV!


Optical convergence illusion.



Dimensions 34 cms x 21 cms x18.5 cms.

It’s only little - go on, you know you want to :wink:


No, but also bog-standard boot-fair tier stuff, so unless posting for the ridicule, hard to see why they’re here.


Nope, Complete crap, skip fodder.