eBay stuff



You made a fatal error in using the correct slang for Glasgow therefore negating any annoyance.

If you used Glesgae, however, then you would have been duly chibbed. :+1:

Ardrossan is in Ayrshire which is full of cunts - Glesga is the biz by the way



Great word


Excellent, thanks - noted for future use :+1:


Not sure if they’re any good but near me so could collect and bring to lopwell if someone buys them


Not ebay but a gorgoeus cartridge at a nice price. Much better looking than an IO.:wink:



Is a stunner - absolutely love mine and one of the best things I have bought in this game.


Much better than a koetsu :grin:


At what?


Koetsu is prettier and therefore besterest.
Also as a young lad I remember seeing one in Hifi Choice mag made from lapis lazuli.


That would have been the Kiseki.


That’s Hart Audio you’re thinking of :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


iirc, it’s about the same price as the Koetsu AND you get a free DL-103 with the jewellery :ok_hand:



Io’s and Koetsus are a good sign of commitment


Portraying sound above 3kHz?


Misspent yoof, hope you hid those mags under the bed :grinning:


Shhhhh, I’ve still got them, don’t tell Donna :wink:


Would be nice to hear an IO in a good arm sometime but never have had the opportunity. You can’t buy what you haven’t had chance to hear :slightly_frowning_face:


Oh yes you can. :open_mouth: