eBay stuff


Who ended up with my old copper bodied one? Dom or did he sell it again? That was a very nice cartridge.


I had it, it went to Jack when the IO LTD came along.


Dom has it


Not my experience, never again from them.


I also fancy a Gold but I’m not a obsessive about it. The IO1 is more than adequate but I certainly wouldn’t hand over £2.5k to a trade seller who is incapable of uploading a decent set of pictures.


Only 300 hours.


They are cheap to get rebuilt, so it may not be a silly price. But anyway, the best approach might be to put the word out that you fancy one and there are people who may be able to help you out…


£922 on Deco website


I think Simon, no?


I think that’s right. I thought I’d seen it somewhere. It really is the Vanessa of cartridges that one.


Couple of bits of champagne bigness.


Someone here that cant afford a Coco BTJ should buy this


Is it your old one?


Not that I know of


I find the looks of this completely adorable -

Current price in Euros is Eu3295 - pretty much £3K by the time you’ve dealt with fees, so seems a sane price too.


Tell @thebiglebowski before he misses out. Again :laughing:


I like the styling of that very much. Ideal for a nice pair of horns.


Really love the looks too, is this based on the Leak stereo 20 circuit?


Not a clue, but they pretty much all are.

Going to need some seriously sensitive speakers, but what a Dolly! :heart_eyes:


It does look nice. My 10W Audio Innovations 300 was quite capable of driving non-horn speakers, lovely with Snell Js