eBay stuff


Ah, they were only pretending anyway apparently.

It does still make my winky twitch though.


Ah the glory days of Soviet Steroid Use when even a medical examination couldn’t determine with any certainty what some of them actually were - “gender inquirenda”… :ok_hand:


I’ve got that on CD single.


What, his winky twitching? :scream:


Oh god I really hope not!



Doorstop duties?



Only jesting, amazed by what you can detect from a picture of the internals.



Paperweight’s my guess, though apparently they rival NVA in desirability if you enjoy Coming Home To A Real Fire…





Not seen these before.


Time for some fugly.


That is truly horrible.


I confess I didn’t read every word of the specification. But I guess it will be compliant with the harmonised standards and there will be a CE mark on it somewhere to that effect (with the backup paperwork of course).



£10k :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I love a bit of perfboard I do, me, but sure as fuck ain’t paying 10K for it!!!

Bit understated for you I’m guessing Bob?


Dan D’Agostino’s upped his game then?


I offered £5, which I think is generous tbh. :joy:

Yep it’s fucking shite.


Ye’re a class act, sir, and no mistake! :rofl::joy:


It should stay a one-off.