eBay stuff


More like.


Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.


Somebody get these, far too nice to be skipped.



That’s about the third one that mad fucker has made although I suspect he’s just changed the first one twice in a deluded attempt at selling the piece of shit.

At first I thought NVA had introduced a new Cheshire series of amps.


Another IO Gold here.



Worse pics than Emporiums.

Wtf is it with people trying to sell ££££ equipment and not being arsed to photograph them properly?


The mobile view on hififorsale is shit but even still the photos are crap



It’s overpriced anyway


That’s as maybe, as I don’t like IOs anyway it’s all arbitrary to me.


Expected post is expected :roll_eyes:


Arbitrary post is arbitrary.


I is well plexed a shiny copper ting ain’t shiny nuf?


Thought @htm_1968 might be the seller.


Manchester not that dodgy scouseland place. :wink:


Lovely pre at a good price.

I was very tempted before I bought the M7


That is worryingly cheap - I’d want to do cash-on-collection to be sure…


Very nice but very big. Bought one twice it were that good.


:grin: Cheeky fecker! I would be Yellow_1968.


remember some years ago seeing guy with one of the first L300 playing with some monster focals , and yes it did sound good . loved my L10