eBay stuff


This one is kosher. The seller is struggling for space & domestic harmony!


Can’t he sell the partner?


Zackly - companion-humans are 10/penny, but top pre-amps are few and far between . . .


Has he not heard about Fab Swingers?


I guess I shouldn’t google that here at work :confused:


Something for grandfather clock enthusiasts?


Typical, would have deffo bought that a month ago, but couldn’t find any.
Happy with what I’ve got but would have been happy with that and saved myself a wodge.


someone selling up?!


Seems utterly bonkers to me to list the entirely lot as a single auction.


niche of a niche of a niche market…with 15k ready to go


Not an auction either, just BIN, or make an offer.


He looks to be a dealer (look at his feedback) and is probably listing it for a client on a commission basis.


That’s a shame, I was thinking of offering £5k and asset stripping, hoping it was a disgruntled ex or something!


He is a dealer. It’s all the wrong bits. If it was a Hovland 100 and a BP power that would be much better. Price is extremely optimistic.


You are Brian and I claim my £5.


Very early BP preamp in stove enamel finish, there was a power amp around recently in matching finish.

The 6BX7 and OA2 suggests it has the entertaining shunt regulator psu, big smiles, but very rare niche item.

and that is coming from me :joy:


Good price but not sure why anyone would use a Linn arm with a 301 (let alone anything)


Might have had an Alphason, Helius, Jelco or Zeta fitted although it being from PFM I suspect probably an Ittok. :face_vomiting:


More likely a Linn LVV :scream:


If it is such a great deal, why is it not sold?