eBay stuff


UK stuff is really pricey over there, have a look on Hi-Fi-Do.


I’d want that to come with about 10 spare lasers, and then it’s still double what it’s worth.

Still, at least it’s horrifyingly ugly :+1:


Got Bob written all over it then.:wink:


Some rare items for sale on gumtree Glasgow including a Kenwood L-A1, Sony TA-F7b and Yamaha B2/C2a which might tempt @beobloke


No idea if it’s any good, but just on looks and ‘pride of ownership’ I’d have had that L-A1 if only he were closer.


includes a couple of VFET amps

Sony rare taf7b Vfet amp £500 offers

Yamaha rare b-2 Vfet power amp 26kg c-2a preamp will include c-85 pre also classic vintage hiend £1200




£1200! Prices have really risen in the last year or so. I also saw a pair of 4430s for £3500. Just a year or two ago they were going for under a grand.

I was considering getting some - wish I had now, even if just to hold and sell…


“Huge” 12" :rofl:


So it seems, wow. I’m not really convinced by a 2-way with 15" bass, you can have fun with that but there will be issues. I wonder what my L300s are worth now!


Never seen these before…



Scraping the bottom of the barrel with that design…


The bass end is tubby


Must weigh at least 30 K(e)g’s each.


Washing machines look good in black

Still think they’d stand a Gulf wrap :wink:


Those are the baby-fridges, good price still - and totally agree about the Gulf wrap, but I’m told I’m not allowed… :cry:


Karan pre/power


That is a seriously good price.


Still never heard any, but the looks are just spot on