eBay stuff


Given the RB250, I am surprised this hasn’t had any bids yet.


The seller is Convert Technologies, who make the Plato all-in-one.

I have bought a few of these transformers from them. Nice folk.


Yeah, I noticed that and spoke to them at a show once, they did seem decent guys, tough competition out there for a small name in audio :frowning:


Hmmmmmm… :thinking:


Fuck me, people have bid on it.


Past tense I believe, FWIW.


Stick a Linn badge on a smelly turd and people will bid on it, just look at the LP12’s success.


I keep trying to like it, as different shaped turntables are great. But I can’t. I think it’s the power supply box. Or the general proportions being wrong.

I’d prefer it to a real Linn though.


I can picture the scene:

Darling, it’s my birthday it’s time for the mystical mint. “Wouldn’t you prefer an LP12?” - No my dear, now open wide.



Stunning…any good?


Yes, I think @ICHM has one. Lovely looking t/t


Beautiful, I’dd probably get it spinning while using the streamer…nice to have something to look at.


North of $1000 + $250 shipping + £??? getting raped for import duty and tax - for that scruffy object?

Nostalgia is a costly indulgence.


I expect it will be north of $5000 by the end.



$5000+ in Japan.


Seriously? That’s the going rate? So new stuff is all a scamripoff, but car-boot fodder has limitless value?


Used stuff that is extra rare and has the bestest specs ever :wink:


And resale value close to what you paid for it…VERY important if you can’t stop yourself box swapping with the seasons.