eBay stuff


As a ‘dealer’ surely that is your #1 motive?


Bob! I’m wounded! As HMRC could tell you, I’m operating a charity here! :cry::cry::cry:






May I remind folks whether they are dealerscum or hifi hoarders, that talk about profit is premature until the item in question is actually sold :grin:


Wow! So THIS is why you’re a highly-paid management consultant! :open_mouth:


The point being you fuckers need to actually sell stuff to make this a material discussion :slightly_smiling_face:


Personally I think all dealers should sell for the price they paid for them. (Or less)


Why would they want any more?
I recently sold a pre-amp for slightly under what I paid for it (5% less), it had more or less daily use for 5 years so I reckoned the reduction was fair enough given the valve use.

I was doing the buyer a favour really.


Exactly, I recently sold a car for about 50% less than what I paid for it, these dealers are just taking the piss with their profiteering tactics.


Crackers buying stuff at all, really nice folks give stuff away for free :+1:


allison three speakers , these look interesting




I am filled with shame and contrition for the one or two times I accidentally made a profit on something… :cry:


Pioneer is awesome but am I the only one slightly disturbed by the shipping method mentioning “padded envelope”? :flushed:


No, don’t worry, plenty of disturbed people on here :+1:


AT33PTG/ii at £204 brand new. Bargain of the year! Only 3 left.

Edit - all gone now


It’s a scam.

The seller usually sells natural products yet his store is now full of high end electronic stuff at crazy prices.

This is the sort of thing they actually sell:


Ah. Didn’t spot that. Apologies.


Still “available” according to my Amazon. Nothing to lose really as it’s Amazon.