eBay stuff


Could do with some of that, cheers.


It’s a con. They will either not deliver and refund or you get stung?
It’s sold via amazon so not sure you get any guarantees at all!?
Probably hijacked a slow account and changed payment details??


Just make sure you use a credit card


If it’s through Amazon you are covered.


Amazon take the payment so unless you get the goods you’ll get refunded.


Didn’t know. I thought the sellers they host just took it direct and paid commission.

Still reckon nothing good can come of it…


Amazon take their fees before passing on balance to seller, much better business model for them, they also dictate the terms and conditions and are always on the side of the customer.

I was at a seminar years ago in a room full of Amazon market place sellers and one of the speakers was a director of Amazon.
the first words he said were. ‘Thank you all for coming and we are pleased that you have all decided to sell on Amazon. however that is as far as our appreciation goes, as we don’t really care if you sell on Amazon or not, but if you do you abide by our rules, and customer service is the number one priority, We don’t care about you, we only care about the customer’
At the time Amazon had fixed charges for shipping costs for things like books etc, Royal Mail had just had an 11% price increase, we asked him if Amazon would increase the fixed fee to reflect the sellers extra costs, he said that no they wouldn’t ‘If you want to sell on Amazon then suck it up’ were his exact words.


Remind me who the richest man in the world is.:thinking:


The man who is at peace with himself and lives in perfect harmony with nature.

That or the lucky bastard who gets a blowjob every morning.


Can’ t you just stop giving him it?




I see Richer Sounds et al are now banging out Technics new SL1210 for £1,079.


Can’t say i have used them, just a shit way to shop, well for me at least.




It’ll be £499.95 soon :slight_smile:




Your skills of observation do you credit :+1:



Now here’s a rarity - me want!!


The tonearm seems to have a bit of a swelling on one end!