eBay stuff


I messaged the seller some time ago when he last put up an advert, no joy on a reply, lost interest now.


That is rather nice, If you could only get a counterweight for an Io I might be interested!


I thought you could get blue sticky ones?


Mark has a counterweight for the weightier Io Gold…


Delivery was how long? :grinning:



He who waits…


Longer than the counter weight :laughing:


Talk to John at Midland Audio Exchange, he is always up for a deal.


The one Midland Audio, is a different model, more expensive.


John Roberts is Midland Audio.


I know that, but there seems to be two different turntables, being discussed.
The one on eBay, and the one that John has, which is a different model, to the one on eBay.


No, we know he does the Sindre too but check the description in the listing - distributor ex demonstrator.

Anyway, it seems somewhat academic to debate whether it sat in his shop at some point.


Sorry. MAX has an ex demo Sindre, on his website, and not a Magne.
I thought it was being implied that they were the same turntable.


Lol, how? The listing is for a Magne, the pictures are a Magne.


There is a Sindre up there too for a lot more than he was looking for it recently.


There are two, yes two turntables from the SAME manufacturer at MAX / John Roberts on eBay. See below;

Is that simple enough? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Turns out that not only is it a similar design to the LFD it is actually an MC1 in a PT case.

Fortunately a refund should be incoming soon.

If nothing else I’ve tried an LFD MC1 and it’s very good :slight_smile:


Was the Pip2 something else then or was Richard Bews designing for PT?




There’s no answer in that thread as it’s about the pip2 preamp, I asked a question with a photo if you go to the end of it.

I put the PIP2 phono up for sale on ebay and was contacted by someone who said “that is not a PT PIP phono, someone has just made some PT style boxes and put an LFD MC-1 cards and power supply into them”

I emailed the photo to Richard Bews and then spoke to him this morning and he confirmed that is the power supply and cards from an MC-1, even the power supply umbilical is the one from the MC-1. He didn’t mention ever making or designing one for PT and I did say I’d bought it described as a PT PIP phono with a corresponding label on the back.

@loo Does this match the internals of your PIP phono stage?