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I’d heard that Owen Jones (not the journo!) had done the original for PT but I never actually saw or heard a Pip2 as far as I can recall.


For Js


There’s some interesting stuff in there I missed before, looks like Owen Jones designed the transconductance stage before LFD, I always assumed that Richard Bews was LFD and not Malcolm Hawksford also interesting that LFD = Low Fuzzy Distortion.


Yes mines like that. It is not an LFD, it should say that it is a J Westlake design for PT on the boards, (he reworked the original) might be underneath can’t remember. The power umbilical on mine is the same as on all PT power supplies, a bog standard chrome 5 pin Din. not for me to talk about the connection between O J’s design and the company you mention, but the story is out there if you look.


Conceptually not dissimilar to the Paradise phono that seems popular at the moment.



KeL84 for 250 quid seems pretty good. In Brizzol…




There is a lot of Sony La Scala listings on ebay at the moment.

The one I bought last week might fucking arrive as the knob jockey I bought it off has apparently managed to drop it off at his local drop off location.

I’ve watched every single La Scala listing for when it inevitably arrives smashed to fuck and I have to replace bits of it.


I still miss mine, sweet sounding thing it was.




Very low estimate :pray:


tAnnoy . . . meh.

Auction estimates = bid bait, specially now they’re being pandered around social media.


Going to go for way over the estimate, my guess is 1300 + fees


Bargain alert:




Offering the same thing cheaper off ebay in the body of the description on ebay.
That won’t be there long!


Yeah, I noticed that and wondered how they’re getting away with it. Didn’t check how long it had been up mind (can you check that?).


They are tempting, the drivers are worth about that. Shove on a 2" compression driver and a 2405 and you have your own Everests!


Shiny :heart_eyes:


Tune Audios sold for £4k