eBay stuff


I’d like them


Having chatted to a few former owners etc I think I had a lucky escape.


They are not bad, but not worth anything like what they charge new. I still think £4k is too much.


Wasn’t the price it was the fact that anyone who had heard them didn’t think they sounded as good as the primes.


Were they Prime owners?


these look good , external crossover


Looks like a nice TT for the money. Don’t think I have seen one before.


I see he bought Tune Audio Marvels to replace them.


£2K very hopeful price, more like £1.2K in my book.


maybe , i think the last h2 modded sold for around 1.6k and that was with int crossover


Dickinson’s at it again!


Geee thanks :roll_eyes::laughing:


They asked £1.6K, didn’t mean they got it. In fact I think that pair is back up on eBay for (£1.6K).


any links to that ? i couldn`t find any for 1.6k ?


How much did Brumjam’s pair go for?


Think Brumjams went for £1600 or very close.



First time I have seen a barn find speaker.


Saw an ebay ad once from a guy who bought a house and found some speakers in the garage.
he knew nothing about hifi or the speakers but took some pics and started the auction at £10.00.
People started asking questions and asked him for pictures of the back of the drivers.
It turned out he had a pair of Tannoy Gold 12".
The Q&A part of the listing was a good read!
He was quite shocked at the final auction price.