eBay stuff


Half price Draabe Nessie Vinylmaster record cleaner here (last item on page). No idea what it is but thought it might be of interest to someone?




One for Bob:



Nice spot, I have the single box version.


Or 300 quid more on ebay it appears. Also appears to be pretty close to me as well, being the second closest bit of audio equipment on thiefbay out of 25,000 odd.



Not convinced by the Dutch gable end design.


Tannoys went for £1250 plus fees.


Hello, I would like to buy some death please.


we have fresh death or salted - welcome to audio abattoir


For those that prioritise sound over life :+1:


Only for those seeking burns in the places that even NVA can’t singe.


I was sure this was a private sale until I saw the faded yellow velvet fabric. Emporium! Tatty faded yellow velvet is a sure fire way to exhibit and sell high end gear.



To be fair, if the output transformers are decent (they are clearly gapped, as they should be for SET, and are also copper-banded) and if nothing is burnt out (including the 13E1s) then that is quite an impressive heap of parts for two hundred quid.



Cheap way to invalidate your home insurance too :+1:


Oh yes. They need disassembling and the big parts rebuilding into a pair of amps on new chassis with proper wiring and component layout. Here’s an example complete with refreshing Aussie outspokenness http://www.turneraudio.com.au/MonoblocSE25.htm.




He’s also on pfm but weirdly doesn’t them for sale on there.


Quite taken with these…