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Kit amp, not that great.


Matamp for years made the Orange guitar amps by hand in Huddersfield. I visited them back in the late 90s to talk about them building hifi amps.
They only built a handful of hifi amps afaik but they are a long way from being a kit amp.


About 10 of those according to the description.


It is a kit amp design and I have heard two sets extensively. Very average, the last one I saw sold was 40% less then that price.


Those are monoblocs. Did you see one or two sell?


Pairs you tit


It’s a Mullard design. Well implemented and with good quality parts I imagine it can sound great. And it’s probably easy to get support, as it’s a well known circuit.

That said, I agree that it looks somewhat overpriced.


Yeah I imagine at some point an offer would need to be accepted.


Nice little set of speakers with hour and twenty minutes to go.


For the trades people on here


NOS Snell A/II if you fancy shipping form the US


@crimsondonkey should buy these instead of those Boenicke horrors.


Sounds more expensive!


Boenicke, the Celestion SL6 of the 2010’s.


These are a fairly flexible set of good quality Mic transformers that also lend themselves to MC cartridge use. You can set the ratio at various points between 1:12 and 1:40

I have a set & they do sound very nice. Quite easy to mount in a box & wire up.


for those who love boenicke
a showroom visit



this is rather nice but from the description its had testicles removed !


Yes it’s Elite Audio but it’s a great price. Audio destination have a ex dem one for £2195 so £1295 sounds like a potential bargain.


I was tempted, but a new house alarm has fucked that.


yes looks excellent , curious its 1295 on ebay and 1795 on their site . normally other way round !!