eBay stuff


Around Chesterfield, if you like that kinda fing.



Fair to say Pete got a rather good deal when he bought his.:sunglasses:


Doesn’t this one come up every year for silly money ?


Yes, we’ve seen this one a number of times before. Mind you, Definitive has one for more money…


be quick



Genuine I want what I paid for them




Hopefully it is only the orange that was burnt on the grills.


Another one for @ICHM



Decent price, I have one of those, don’t really need 2. This is by far the best version of the Duo, in fact it’s touch and go between this and the Trio.


Are you feeling alright Bob.:grin:


I may need a sit down. Just spent £2K on an alarm and now having my house painted for £3.2K, just don’t have a lot of spare.


Gold leaf? :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Why yes…


Original price: £4500
Now “refurbished”: £9995
Because: “20 Small Musical Bliss Sound Improvers” (which appear to come in at £179.50 a pop)

Stone me, I gotta get me some of this before someone else snipes it.


I posted that to PFM the other day. Given that second hand Moon gear is cheap that is outrageously overpriced.

He also has a foo’ed/fucked up Moon CD player to match.

Get 'em while they are hot…


Yehbut, small musical bliss.




That’s the shizzle right there!

Buy! Buy! Buy!