eBay stuff


Wow, no fucking about there: so sales patter, no description of what quantum shit it might do or indeed what it is or how you use it, just £245 for a small black cuboid. Epic.


If you need to ask :roll_eyes:


If Sir would care to peruse the pixtures, evidently you stick it on your knob

or maybe stick your knob into it


Gullible fuckwits and their money …


Audio lab yah will be unleashing a series of physics shattering improvements to select clients gathered around the kettle at Lowell.


And if you are not a cheapskate, you have the full size one which, as far as one of the photos suggests, seems to improve the sound of your homehub and radiator.


Are they actually allowed to make these claims?


ps. Sorry to be a sceptic :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Clearly inferior to my Shakti stones. :rofl:






Actually you can do much better than that - volume purchasing works out at £169.50 each.

Wierdly the original Moon ad says

which would imply a unit price of £179.50

A single one is £245.

And 10 are £1695, giving a unit price of £169.50

Evidently the 10 pack hits the sweet spot of the inverted bell curve pricing - nice :+1:

Either that or the dude has some numeracy issues.





good price


now an auction rather than BIN


Distressingly tempting!


Do it!


I much prefer my L300s to the Snell Cs I had, and I think that the As are similar in character. Be a fun thing to play with though.


Different league.


You should treat yourself and buy those Simon. As I reward I’ll take those shoddy mini-monitors you struggle with off your hands. I will be happy to do this as a favour.