eBay stuff


its a tempting offer :rofl:


These look quite neat, no idea if they are any good though.


Your two hundred is better spent on these.


Even MORE bliss!!


You should ask the cunt how much is it without all the crap :rofl:


Basic cost appears to have been £1800. Foo accounts for the rest :grinning:


That’s the best thing about his adverts, he lists the items unadulterated price then justifies the sale price by giving a breakdown of all the foo!


What a fucking potato.


Totally under-priced. I’ve offered £12k.


Who spends £7k upgrading a £2k item? Actually I’m more worried that he might actually sell some of these, given the state of the industry.


Seems to happen a lot with shitty little cars.


The world needs more Foo! I for one applaud his business practices and painstaking poo polishing.


The only logic to it is that he sells the smaller units and wants some evidence to point customers to?

Like an advert for the bits rather than for the total item itself.

If he sells any the buyers can have some gifts from a Nigerian Prince while they are at it. I have his address and will help them.


Might actually change the sound on them though


Christ. Overpriced, gimped PC stuffed to the gills with tat.

I have a particular loathing for these very high-end music servers, which are just computers in aluminium dresses.

And shielding. Fucking shielding.


I am disappointed by the lack of super-SATA cables.


Agreed, you can have one hell of a gaming PC for £4K and use 0.1% of it as a music server.


First thought was “why would anyone do that, it’s totally the wrong way to spec a music server”. Then I realised it was Bob: make it loud, with spurious flashing lights, and have it specced in the KW for no good reason. Extraneous growths on the case a bonus.


Alternatively run it on a network from a different room :roll_eyes:


Scrap iron.